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Rubino de luxe

Living italy is our confidential booklet for groups and it is very different from other offers because of: selected and new itineraries, very balanced tour, the choice of the itineraries and services and good value for money.
After twenty year experience in the field of tourism and leisure, together with our deep love for our territory that we know since the birth with the passion that distinguish a lover, we are glad to introduce you our new luxury line

Rubino the luxe

It is perfect and studied for people that would like to live an extraordinary unforgettable sensational experence and that they'll keep with them all life long. In our collection it is possible to find art and architectural itinerary together with emotional tour and adventure tour for strong sensations.
Do not foget our food and wine tour, where it is a pleasure and it's enjoying to combine the best DOCG italian wine together with selected and typical italian food cooked by some of our famous chefs!
You can choose to experience a sailing cruise in private boat ( caique) in our mediterrean Eolian island to feel almost in a paradise, or you can prefer a staying in our italian caribbean Sardinia and deep in the emerarld water in a wild nature! To fulfill any of your wishes, you will find a taylor made tour or vacation in this luxury line.
Services are important for us; they are details to let you live your experience in a totally unic way.
Castles, historycal residences, villas,wine resort, country inn, sea resort will help you to feel peculiar atmosphere in a nature, charme history art and cooking tradition context.
In our luxe collection you will find theatres , golf, location for honey moon and private licensed guides that will tell you all our ancient secrets and nowadays curiosities of one of the most loved country in the world!

Italy de luxe

  • Tour and staying litlle groups
  • Cities of art
  • Emotion adventure and relax (sport and nature tour and staying)
  • De luxe staying
  • Body sensation experience Thermae resort staying
  • Cruise private caique Eolian Island
  • Italian caribbean: Sardinia de luxe
  • Taylor made tour and staying


  • Made in Italy fashion (Gucci, Ferragamo, Valentino, Ferre, Dolce e Gabbana)
  • Honeymoon location
  • De luxe honeymoon
  • Event location
  • Hystorical residences
  • Castles
  • Villas
  • Sea Resorts
  • Country side hotels
  • Wine resorts
  • Golf club
  • Theatre
  • Rent Private and luxury car
  • Private licensed professional guide

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